Session of October 27, 2016

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October 27, 2016

Minutes Recorded by: Alisa Wilson, Senate Secretary

Call to Order at 11:00 am

Opening Prayer by Senator Bergman

Roll Called

Approval of Minutes

Minutes approved

Officer Reports

PPT Largent: A couple weeks ago we announced we were looking for someone who could record Senate history. Several people expressed interest. The chairs decided to make a Historical Records Committee out of it. Makes nominations to Historical Records Committee. I will be chairing that committee.

Sen. Imken: I don't trust Joshua recording my history.

Senators Foster, McConnell, Davy, and Kleoppel added to the roll.

Nominations approved

New Business

Sen. Yohe: Bill brought to the floor: "Club Recognition Act of Fall 2016: Part 3," recognizing Association for Computing Machinery and LeTourneau University Women's Rugby Club. I looked into the file that Steve Conn gave me. Apparently LeTourneau University Rugby Club and LeTourneau University Women's Rugby Club are two separate clubs, and ACM was just added this morning.

Sen. Hoos: Does that mean the money allocated to the rugby club only goes to the men's club?

Sen. Yohe: I think funds were allocated to both based on what they asked for.

Sen. Kleoppel: We found out they were two separate clubs so they got separate funding as two different clubs.

PPT Largent: In their meeting, they presented two different budgets but talked as one club. We recommended they split into two clubs.

Bill passes


VP Goode: Next week we should have Chief Schultz or a panel of guards here to answer questions and dialogue with us. Our speaker for this week was going to be Grant Bridgeman from Admissions but there was a scheduling conflict and it didn't work out. We'll here from him or someone from Admissions in the near future. Today is the day if you have anything large for Open Forum you've been wanting to bring up all semester.

Open Forum

Sen. Rose: What is the status of the Senate polos?

VP Goode: We have them. If you need one, talk to PPT Largent.

PPT Largent: I have shirts in my room. Contact me and I can get you one.

Meeting Adjourned at 11:09 am